Easthampstead Park

Newly opened in 2021 after full refurbishment and redesign

Member since September 2020

Tier four

1 to 14 night stays
From £53 pppn for a 14 night stay
to £85 pppn
£53 per night for a 14 night stay
to £85 per night
for a 1 night stay

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Coronavirus - how you are kept safe at Easthampstead Park

We are awaiting details of this hotel's precise policies and measures in place to handle reservations during the reopening. Below is an example of the kind of measures that similar hotels are putting in place. Please note that these are only examples. Hotels are responsible for carrying out their own risk assessments. We'd also like to take the opportunity to advise you that the reopening is likely to be an extremely stressful time for hoteliers and their staff. They are desperate to get back to work and will be working under quite different circumstances. With the consideration of guests we are confident that you'll have a great time at your chosen hotel.

Expect to see an increased presence around the hotel of house-cleaning teams. Particular attention is likely to be focused on cleaning regularly touched surfaces
You are likely to see many hand-sanitisation points throughout the property.
It is likely that there will be a glass protection screen at the reception desk. Staff will also wear PPE equipment such as gloves, masks and possibly facial screens (similar to what you may have seen in supermarkets).
Hotels will be keen to avoid scenarios whereby customers congregate at certain times. It's possible you may be asked to wait outside if there are too many people waiting to check in, and the hotel may assign you a specific time to check in to help manage this.
Many hotels are extending the standard breakfast and dining times to even out the numbers of diners. You may be asked to commit to a specific dining time. Restaurant and public areas will of course abide by the social distancing guidelines relevant at the time of your stay.
Some hotels are investing in new technologies to allow you to order drinks and food etc remotely (Apps of smartphones and tablet devices etc). Don't worry, if you're not a familiar user of these devices you'll still be able to get a drink!
Inevitably there are communal areas within country hotels whereby social distancing is difficult. In these areas expect to see a one-way system to reduce the likelihood of close contact.
As you would expect the hotel will probably request that you settle any bills incurred by card payment rather than cash.
Some hotels will restrict the usage and capacity of communal lounge areas and terraces etc and it's possible that some will want those surfaces to be cleaned prior to use by others outside of that group.
The usual check in / check out times may be extended to allow more time for cleaning between stays. It's possible that late check outs etc may not be possible.
In general hotels will attempt to reduce the amount of times it is necessary for staff to enter into guest bedrooms. You may therefore see a temporary suspension of services such as evening turndowns, and reductions in the amount of times your room is cleaned during the stay (though more between stays). Room service may be left outside your door.