Taplow House Hotel

Elegant 4* luxury country hotel near London

Member since 2017

Tier four

1 to 14 night stays
From £53 pppn for a 14 night stay
to £87 pppn
£53 per night for a 14 night stay
to £87 per night
for a 1 night stay

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Coronavirus - how you are kept safe at Taplow House Hotel

General Hotel Policies

Hotel staff and guests asked to observe 2m social distancing whilst in the hotel
Sanitiser and wipes available throughout hotel
Guests will have a protection kit in their room on arrival containing face mask, personal sanitiser and gloves (additional supplies available on request)
Frequent sanitising rota of high-use touch points including door handles & wiping down of all surfaces in communal areas

Reception/Check in/Check out

They will be introducing a contactless check in system with registration cards emailed prior to arrival and a link to provide payment information
Screens placed at reception to minimise contact
Sanitiser and wipes
All key cards sanitised and placed in envelopes for check in
All guests to be called pre-arrival for estimated arrival time to minimise over capacity at reception
Check out times to be requested at registration to minimise delays at reception
Room bills to be provided prior to check out and express departure offered to all guests


Each room treated with a sanitiser aerosol on departure with a delay before deep clean and sanitising of room
All decorative cushions and throws removed from room
In room dining menus available on smart TV
Remote sanitised and placed into sealable bags
All staff will be using correct PPE including mask, gloves and aprons for each room cleaned
Refresh of linen and towels for stay over guests on request basis only

Restaurants & Bars

Bar and restaurants combined with all spaces available for dining or beverages
Capacity of restaurants and bar reduced to allow 2m distance between tables
Separate hand sanitising station for staff to be used before and after every table visit
All serving staff to wear face masks
Disposable menus discarded after use
The terrace has socially distanced tables and will be available for al fresco dining

Please note until further notice the restaurant is serving the set Table d'hote menu only.


Induction and ongoing training of Covid measures with all staff trained before resuming work
Hotel to operate 2 individual teams who operate in isolation of one another
Temperature checked on arrival to hotel
Provided PPE at the start of each shift